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sanitary sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water, street runoff, and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.
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By degrees there was established a kind of correspondence between the two houses, the big and the small, so that at most hours of the day one house could guess what was going on in the other, and the words "the villa" and "the hotel" called up the idea of two separate systems of life.
Contract notice: Creating A Separate System In The Old Centre Of Allos.
Notably, Florida participated as a separate system in PIRLS in 2011, and nine states participated as separate systems in TIMSS in 2011.
It comes after a consultation by the Welsh Government on whether a separate system should be established in Wales.
A separate system is also available for lower temperature plastic injection molding machines.
No one would accept a legal system that denied Jews the right to marry and sought to placate them with a separate system of partnership law.
You don't want a separate system that segregates tsunamis from earthquakes or cyclones, because populations on the coast are at risk from any and all of those things," she says.
If the AMT is viewed as a separate system that follows the regular tax rules (using AMT measures and values), the answer would appear to be no.
But then again, some of us would much rather see the end of an inauthentic separate system in order to make way for the emergence of a truly Catholic one.
The separate system is totally independent of phone and cable, which assures residents' privacy and security.
The lawsuit describes a racially based, dual system of law enforcement inherited from the prestatehood days of the territorial government, which intentionally maintained a separate system and standard of police protection for Native and white communities, rendering Native Villages defenseless to crime.
Northwest Area - Combined system: separate system for the area adjacent to the main branch I and the "Al.

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