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A piece of dead or detached bone within a cavity, abscess, or wound.



a piece of tissue that has died as a result of a circulatory disorder and become separated from the surrounding healthy tissue. A sequestrum may develop, for example, during osteomyelitis. Sequestration may also occur in lung, tendon, or muscle tissue. While in the body, a sequestrum continuously promotes the suppurative process. A sequestrum may be discharged from the body with the flow of pus; sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove it surgically

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Complications of advanced osteomyelitis include the formation of sequestra (Fig.
Those who made full recovery with no signs of sequestra or chronicity of infection either clinically or radiologically were defined as 'uncomplicated'.
Of the 43 osteomyelitis children available for follow-up, 8 had unresorbed sequestra and chronicity of infection that required surgical intervention.
The Sequestra 1000 performs autotransfusion, a process in which a patient's blood is cleansed and held for subsequent use, thereby minimizing use of banked blood and reducing concern about transmission of bloodborne diseases.
In addition to conventional autotransfusion, the Sequestra system simplifies the operator's ability to separate blood components such as platelets and plasma prior to surgery for use, if necessary, during the operation.
Each blood sample was processed by a Sequestra 100 blood-processing machine (Medtronic; Parker, Colo.