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(Russian sardoba), a term used in Middle Asia and other countries of the East to designate underground rooms in medieval towns used as shelter against intense summer heat. It may also designate storage areas for snow or domed cisterns for water.


Masson, M. E. Problema izucheniia tsistern-sardoba. Tashkent, 1935.


1. In ancient Egyptian architecture, a closed statue chamber.
2. In Mesopotamian town houses, a cellar under the courtyard, ventilated and lighted by skylights, serving as a living room during the summer months.
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It is comprised of an introduction and seven chapters, each exclusively devoted to a room or corridor in Pepi I's Pyramid-tomb: the funerary chamber, the passage between the funerary chamber and the antechamber, the antechamber, the passage between the antechamber and the serdab, the serdab, the vestibule, and the descending corridor.
Se les colocaba en nichos y otras eran reproducciones del dios-rey en filas de pie o sentadas; algunas mas estaban emparedadas en pequenas capillas o serdabs, con dos mirillas frente a los ojos, asi el dios podia ver lo que ocurria en la habitacion.