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A hydrothermal or metamorphic process involving the introduction of or replacement by sericite.



a process in which plagioclases and other minerals are replaced by sericite through the action on rocks of low-temperature hydrothermal solutions. Wallrock metasomatism that accompanies the development of copper pyrite, complex, gold-silver, and antimony-mercury ores is typical of serialization. Frequently, sericitization develops in connection with the beresitization, listvenitization, propylitization, and silicification of rocks. The presence of sericitization is made use of in prospecting for ore bodies.

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The mineralization is related to intensive silicification (local quartz veining) and sericitization, carbonation and weak sulphidation.
Alteration in the area is composed of silicification, pyritization, sericitization, alunite and pyrophyllite and is suggestive of a high sulfidation mineralizing system.
The mineral composition of the main components in rocks adds no information: total sericitization and regenerational displacement of quartz in the final lithification process mask the primary characteristics of rock formation.
The clay mineral suite and the clay contents are consistent with feldspar alteration mechanisms associated with sericitization.
Wall rock alteration adjoining the reef includes silicification, sericitization and sulphidation (predominantly pyrite).
silicification, sericitization, and chloritization), as indicated by petrographic observation, and are not the result of magmatic fractionation.
With depth, approaching the water table, chalcopyrite starts to appear as does an increase in sericitization and silica flooding, as well as an increase in gold values.
Albitization and sericitization of plagioclase led to the mobilization of Ca whereas elevated concentrations of K and Ba seem to be related to the newly formed hydrothermal K-feldspar.
Alteration includes silicification, sericitization, carbonatization and sulphide mineralization.
Gold mineralization at La Victoria, is hosted by a shallow dipping panel containing several stacked ore-bearing zones characterized by intense silicification, carbonation, sericitization, minor amounts of pyrite and arsenopyrite, and occasionally free gold.