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Breaking away from conventional ultra-flat screen TVs, Serif TV is defined by a single frame, available in white, dark blue and red.
In sum, the goal of the present experiment was to examine whether or not the use of a serif font produces an advantage over a sans serif font in an ecological setting: normal reading.
The free newspapers mostly use Sans Serif fonts, with the exception of Adn, which opts for a Modern Serif font with certain elegance.
It should horizontally extend to the right of the stem similarly to the serif in serif designs and enough to be visible at small size but not too long to cause spacing problems for sans serif designs.
Designed in 1928, this font is influenced by Roman stonecutting, "with a very measured differentiation between its thick strokes and thin strokes, and with delicately bracketed period serifs.
Sans serif type-faces usually require more line spacing than serif typefaces.
For ages, they have been willing to throw down over the merits of serif versus sans-serif typefaces - whether or not letters should carry little decorative flourishes, or serifs, like the rightward kick on a lowercase a, the leftward angle on a lowercase d or the miniscule hat that caps a capital letter such as J.
Omniture also said Serif will use the web analytics platform, Omniture SiteCatalyst, to increase visibility of its website, including how and where visitors arrive at the site; how visitors navigate through the portal; and where and why visitors drop off the site.
The Serif Fairy: Explorations in the World of Letters is a most unusual children's picturebook, featuring highly simplistic, two-color illustrations in which all creatures and things are represented by stylized letters and patterns assembled from letters.
2005) reported that across a total of 398 participants, a 16-point, unmodified sans serif font, called "Adsans," was found to be more readable than Times Roman, indicating that familiarity with a popular typeface did not correlate with a preference for legibility or readability.
Sans serif type shows the names of files and the names of commands and instructions that users should type into the computer.
The names of the buildings are in a serif face, probably Times, at the bottom right-hand corner of each image.