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But thanks to such experiences, I ventured into serigraphs which are authenticated copies of a work of art created through the elaborate process of silk screen printing," said Jagasia.
This program's innovative plan design empowers members to be more involved in the care they receive, and we are pleased to work with Serigraph.
com/, the site helps visitors browse the collectible serigraph selections according to artist, or according to specific sports.
Buying art on the Brilbeck Collection site also allows collectors from almost anywhere in the world direct access to museum-quality serigraphs that are in limited supply, before they disappear into private collections.
The Brilbeck Collection features signed and numbered limited edition serigraphs by artists who depict the landscapes, activities, and interests that make our society unique.
Melanie's distinctive serigraph prints, which start with research and an oil painting and take 18 months to two years from inception to completion.
Other editions of the "Quiet Courage" serigraph are installed in the Library of Congress, City Hall in Boston, Mass.
In addition to two limited-edition serigraphs by Santistevan, works by 21 other artists will be displayed and sold at the event.
With art that extends from sophisticated to trend-forward, Winn Devon's limited edition selection includes serigraphs, mixed media editions, stone lithographs, etchings, and giclees on paper and canvas.
Available at Global Art Galleries is a wide array of artwork styles and genres, including original oil paintings, pastels, and watercolors, as well as giclees, limited edition prints, antique and hand-colored engravings, lithographs and serigraphs.
The exhibition and sale of paintings, serigraphs, and embellished serigraphs will continue through April 19.
Established in 1977, Global Art Galleries boasts more than 7,000 pieces of inventory including limited edition prints, hand-colored engravings, antique engravings, lithographs, serigraphs, giclees and original pastels, watercolors, acrylics and oils.