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1. a frame upon which barley is malted
2. a priming layer of paint or varnish, esp in a painting
3. Papermaking
a. a board on which sheets of handmade paper are dried by pressing
b. a felt blanket onto which sheets of partly dried paper are transferred for further drying
c. a roll on a papermaking machine from which the wet web of paper on the wire is transferred to the next section
4. Archaic the lair of a wild animal

What does it mean when you dream about a couch?

A couch may represent getting needed rest, healing therapy, or the therapist’s couch. It may also symbolize a romantic encounter or “first love” experience on the living room couch.


Dreaming about a couch could mean that you may have a need for some rest and relaxation. The couch also has other symbolism. For example, it could be an object that brings up warm memories, such as those of your first love, whom you snuggled with and first kissed. Additionally, look at all the details of your dream and try to determine if your couch is symbolic of an analyst’s “couch, ”such as Freud had. Old dream interpretation books offer a somewhat strange but curious meaning. They say that the couch may be symbolic of a false sense of security and that you should listen to the advice of those that love you!
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Lord of the Dance Settee has, he says, "a little melancholy underneath, but overall it's quite a positive and fun show.
He said: "If I'd have been sat up on the settee rather than lying down, those bricks could have had my head off - they flew past me like shotgun bullets.
The light came jagged from the end table lamp by the settee.
The trapped rodent had tried chewing through the window frames and tore the curtain and settee to shreds.
Helen Settee is director of the AED branch located within the Murdo Scribe Centre.
He says he can see from the way Iamcurled up on the settee that it is very big on comfort.
A wedge of wood painted black topped by a snappily jigsawed piece of white plywood refers to the equine as speedily as to, say, the sinuous curve of a Chippendale settee.
Mayor Antonio, the most powerful man in the whole county, opened up his own parlor door that afternoon to behold his wife lounging off on the settee with her petticoat hitched up around her hips, and both feet wrapped around Quashee's waist.
This is the mistaken notion that the lights have to be on and cameras rolling with Barbara Walters waiting expectantly on your living room settee in order for you to come out.
Priscilla Settee has been an agitator for Indigenous rights, women's rights and Earth rights for 20 years.
2 is the Maximo Viola-Isabelo Tampinco Settee, which is more than 100 years old.
For the supply of ward and residential furniture including but not limited to the following items:Patient High Backed Chair,Visitor Stacking Chair,Bariatric Armchair,Bedside Locker,Overbed/Overchair Table,1-Seater Settee,2-Seater Settee,3-Seater Settee,Wardrobe,Chest of Drawers,Dressing Table,Bedside Cabinet,Low Back Easy Chair,Stacking Chair,Dining Chair,Recliner Manual,Recliner (Electric),Coffee Table,Dining Table.