sewer system

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drainage system

The piping network within a structure which conveys sewage, rainwater, or other wastes from their point of origin to a point of disposal, such as a public sewer or a private treatment facility.
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Some of their revolutionary equipment include: portable toilets, portable hand washing sinks, guard sheds and guard booths, portasheds and storage sheds, commercial grade portable sinks, antiseptic dispensers, restroom trailers, luxury restroom trailers, holding tanks, porcelain toilet systems, portable water and sewer systems and fresh water delivery.
The solution to overflows is not to bypass, but to fix the leaky sewer systems.
Taylor, $157,711 to rebuild the sewer system along Reynolds Avenue and improve the David Noakes Memorial Park.
5 with regulators and environmentalists to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems and treatment plants, at an estimated cost of $4.
This was developed recognizing the impact that the cost to connect to the public sewer system may have on certain building uses," said City Manager Michael V.
The city of Jeffersonville, IN, has agreed to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems that will significantly reduce the city's longstanding sewage overflows into the Ohio River in a comprehensive Clean Water Act settlement with federal and state government, the Justice Department, the U.
Security for the notes is a first lien on proceeds of the sale of the authority's water and sewer system revenue bonds, fiscal 1994 series A, expected to be issued on or prior to the maturity date of the series A notes.
to keep a better eye on its sewer system and better plan ahead, according to interim Assistant City Manager Dennis Beardsley.
SAUGUS - Documents seized from a plastics manufacturing company are being analyzed to determine whether the business is illegally discharging hazardous waste into the city's sewer system, then covering it up, officials said Wednesday.
3 million senior lien water and sewer system revenue bonds, 2007 series A, and $10.
The City does not currently have as accurate a method of mapping the storm sewer system within the Geographic Information System (GIS) as it does with other utility systems.
It also owns and operates a separate storm sewer system that collects urban storm water.