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sex therapy,

treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunction, including impotenceimpotence
, inhibited sexual excitement in a man during sexual activity that, despite an unaffected desire for sex, results in inability to attain or maintain a penile erection. Known medically as male erectile dysfunction, it affects younger and older men alike.
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, orgasmic dysfunction, vaginismus (spasm of the muscles of the vagina), premature ejaculation, and lack of sexual responsiveness, not caused by a physical problem. Pioneered by Masters and JohnsonMasters and Johnson,
pioneering research team in the field of human sexuality, consisting of the gynecologist William Howell Masters, 1915–2001, b. Cleveland, and the psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson, 1925–2013, b. Springfield, Mo.
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 in the early 1970s, sex therapy is based on the premise that sexual behavior is learned and that problems can be alleviated through sex education, sensitization exercises, and improved communication between sexual partners. Treatment is generally short-term and focused on the sexual problem, although in some cases sex therapists also address underlying problems in the relationship. It is most successful when it includes the patient's sexual partner.
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David Ribner, a Jerusalem-based Orthodox sex therapist, praised Aloni as "highly competent" and "professional.
Gender is now a very fluid thing, says sex therapist Juliet Grayson, inset below
Several chapters address the common problem brought to sex therapists of long-term couple relationships that are sexless.
Women who visit a sex therapist in the country often do so because they suffer from vaginism, which is an involuntary contraction of the vagina that prevents penetration.
TORONTO -- A sex therapist has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson's (J&J's) Canadian unit to develop a program around the company's K-Y lubricants that she hopes will increase intimacy among couples.
Although it's not feasible for every urologist to have an in-office sex therapist, patients undergoing treatment for prostate cancer would likely benefit from information about sexual dysfunction, even if it's just a list of sex therapists and other resources, she said.
If it becomes a real problem he could talk to a sex therapist.
She's a sex therapist along with her brother-in-law Greg and they deal with all sorts of problems ranging from impotence to cyber sex addicts.
It follows six young New Yorkers: the aforementioned gay male couple and their young partner in crime; another young man who lives across the street from the couple and often spies them having sex; a dominatrix whose primary human interaction occurs with her clients; and a sex therapist who's never had an orgasm.
If you need a boudoir boost, they say don't be afraid to talk to your spouse, consult your physician and even find a sex therapist.
Sex therapist Westheimer discusses romance and passion as well as these changes, providing a focus on how passion can be retained through the years.