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, sheqel
1. the standard monetary unit of modern Israel, divided into 100 agorot
2. any of several former coins and units of weight of the Near East



a monetary unit, unit of weight, and silver coin of Persia and Judea. The Persian shekel of the reign of Darius I (522–486 B.C.) contained 5.6 g of silver; the Judean shekel of the second century B.C.. contained 14.25 g of silver.

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The Israelis must not be permitted to appropriate the Shekel.
Wazir said banks in the Palestinian territories were accumulating piles of shekels in their vaults because of Israeli restrictions on accepting cash deposits from them.
The combined weight of the 12 silver basins came to a total of 840 shekels.
PN rents a house to Nigia for one year for 2/3 shekel of silver.
Also a loan agreement has been signed with a group of institutional corporations, according to which in December 2017, the lenders will provide the company with a loan in the principal amount of ILS100m, which will bear unlinked shekel interest at the rate of 4.
0 percent increase in income tax for anyone who earns more than a gross monthly salary of 8,870 shekels ($2,200/1,800 euros).
According to the budget, 200 housing units will be marketed in Ma'aleh Adumim settlement, to the east of Jerusalem, next year, with 58 million shekel ($16.
The central bank governor, Stanley Fischer, said, 'We are trying to moderate the movements of the shekel exchange rate.
The EU crises has led to the euro falling to its lowest level against the shekel in seven years, and a four year low against the US dollar.
Jerusalem, Dec 21 (ANI): Excavations at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel, have revealed a rare half shekel coin from the first century, which was minted in 66 or 67 C.
The shekel so far in 2007 has appreciated about 7 percent against the US currency to near a 10 year peak after a 10 percent gain last year.
It followed a 200-million shekel transfer last week.