shelf rest

shelf rest, shelf pin, shelf support

A small angle bracket held in place by a pin (on the vertical side) which is inserted in one of a number of holes in a wall or cabinet so that its position can be adjusted; used in supporting a shelf.
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Q: With a recurve bow, are you better off using feathers on arrows with a traditional shelf rest or would a flipper rest with vanes provide better accuracy and more optimal arrow flight?
Its radiused arrow shelf allows you to shoot from a traditional arrow plate or shelf rest.
Opera blasts from the jukebox in the corner, and on a nearby shelf rest the many volumes of The Puccini Progress--pages of poems, fiction, and drawings contributed by famous and not-so-famous regulars.
The type of shelf rest material you use can also be a determining factor in bow noise.
It's available in either Realtree[R] HD Green[TM] or Matte Black w/WoodTone limbs, and it comes with a Silent Shelf rest pad, Cat Whiskers, custom bow case, handmade Flemish string, and a 7/32-inch Allen wrench.
There is a color 33-page catalog complete with a full line of traditional accessories, including original-style Damascus gloves and sealskin shelf rest material.
This thin foam padded shelf rests between your shoulder and face, cradling your head for maximum support and travel snooze time.
On a window shelf rests the decorated shoebox, where anonymous notes can be passed to Campbell.
At the front, the shelf rests on a horizontal 2-by-6, which caps the top of a 4-by-4 post; at the rear, the shelf is notched and secured to another 4-by-4 post.