shell mound

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shell mound,

in archaeology, a mound consisting largely of the shells of edible mollusks. It is a kind of kitchen middenkitchen midden,
refuse heap left by a prehistoric settlement; more specifically, a deposit consisting primarily of discarded shell and related cultural material in coastal environments.
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 found in various parts of the world.
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We conducted belt transects on the shell mound at an average distance of approximately 7.
Upwards of 300 shell mound sites alone have been previously recorded in the Albatross Bay region, with some up to 12 metres high, though more commonly less than 2 metres in height (Bailey 1994).
telescopium MA10 shell midden 4cm Anadara ganosa MA52a shell mound surface Anadara ganosa MA52b surface scatter surface T.
The oar was unearthed from beneath a shell mound in the Mibiki ruins in the town of Tatsuruhama, the Ishikawa Archaeological Foundation said.
Stone Age paintings in the Serra da Capivara National Park in Piaui, Brazil, are being eaten by insects, while the shell mound settlements built by the seven-thousand-year-old Warao culture on the Guyanese coast are under assault by bulldozers clearing the rain forest.
While not yet holed up in the rivers and creeks, they're moving closer to shore, especially around the old spoil bars that make up the Suwannee Reef, stretching all the way from the McGriff Channel southward to Derrick Key, off Shell Mound.
a 12 m diameter stratified shell mound, with an apparent depth of 0.
Shoreline stabilization, such as CCA helped with at Turtle Mound, the Indian shell mound, may be as simple as laying down heavy mesh bags of oyster shell, discarded from seafood restaurants, to break up waves and boat wakes.
Unfortunately, some material from the Muyu-ajirripa shell mound was lost when bush fires destroyed the university's Weston Creek store early in 2003.
The creek mouths and islands that intersect and dot this stretch of coastline are also reachable from the shallow primitive boat ramp at Shell Mound, just off CR326, north of Cedar Key "propel.
Veitch notes that these dates suggest a significantly later period of shell mound accumulation than in other areas of the coastal Pilbara, where shell mounds had previously been thought to have ceased accumulating between 1600 and 1000 years BP (e.
The best and most secure access to the backwaters is from any of the public ramps at the Number Four Channel and Shell Mound.