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Placing a nonconducting object in an electrolytic bath during plating to alter the current distribution.
Reducing the ionizing radiation reaching one region of space from another region by using a shield or other device.



(also screening), in electrical engineering and radio engineering, a means of reducing—that is, of suppressing or substantially attenuating—the effect of external stray fields, noise, or pickup. Such phenomena interfere with the operation of, for example, electrical or radio equipment, data transmission equipment, and data-processing equipment.

Shielding is accomplished by means of a grounded metal or metal-plated shield with a high electrical or magnetic conductivity. Either the stray-field or noise source or the equipment or component to be shielded is enclosed in the shield. Depending on the extent of shielding required, either solid shields or screens are used. Solid shields are usually made of sheet steel; screens are woven from copper or steel wire.

In many cases, the metal housing of a device acts as a shield. Complicated or bulky equipment is often installed in a room or chamber that is shielded.

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at x = y = z = 0 (with the shielding removed, of course).
z] depends on the Cs-magnetometer position within the shielding and found that it is essentially homogenous over the tested position range |z| [less than or equal to] 50 cm.
In the August 2005 issue of InfoWorld magazine, Andre Yee was named a "One to Watch in 2006" for his work in creating new, patent-pending technologies within NFR Security's Sentivist line of intrusion prevention solutions, including Confidence Indexing and Dynamic Shielding.
0 with Dynamic Shielding will be available in mid-October.
The Dynamic Shielding Architecture is delivered as part of the Sentivist Real-Time Threat Protection(TM) product set, which combines multiple security technologies to protect the enterprise.
They address manufacturers' demands for board-level shielding and grounding products that can be mounted directly onto the circuit board at the same time the rest of the board is populated using SMT.
Pioneers in the evolving surface mount EMI shielding industry, BMI is the only company that consults customer engineers at all product development stages from initial design assistance and prototyping through pre-production and production runs.