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1. an instrument for lifting or scooping loose material, such as earth, coal, etc., consisting of a curved blade or a scoop attached to a handle
2. any machine or part resembling a shovel in action

What does it mean when you dream about a shovel?

A dream about shoveling often represents self-reflection and digging into our own past. Alternatively, maybe we want to bury something. (See also Digging).


(design engineering)
A hand tool having a flattened scoop at the end of a long handle for moving soil, aggregate, cement, or other similar material.
(mechanical engineering)
A mechanical excavator.

power shovel

power shovel
1. A power-operated machine used to excavate and load dirt, rock, or debris by means of an open-ended bucket at the end of an arm which is suspended from a boom; cables or hydraulic rams force the arm (and therefore the bucket) forward and upward, into the material; then the bucket is raised and its load is dumped.
2. A machine having a scoop or bucket for digging up or removing loose material.
References in classic literature ?
Then, by God," replied Tarrant, "if you won't take a shovel you'll take a pickax.
Feverish with desire, with aching back and stiffening muscles, with pick and shovel gouging and mauling the soft brown earth, the man toiled up the hill.
Rotten quartz," was his conclusion as, with the shovel, he cleared the bottom of the hole of loose dirt.
This was not so difficult to me as the making the shovel: and yet this and the shovel, and the attempt which I made in vain to make a wheelbarrow, took me up no less than four days - I mean always excepting my morning walk with my gun, which I seldom failed, and very seldom failed also bringing home something fit to eat.
Trucks rarely reach 90% of their fill factor and most shovels rarely load at 6,000 tons per hour (t/h) when they should be loading at 10,000 t/h because they are waiting on trucks.
The new dragline control system was based on the FREEDOM platform previously deployed on shovels for several years now.
The first digging tool was undoubtedly a stout, sharpened stick, followed by crude shovels and picks made of wood, stone, copper, bronze, iron, and finally, steel.
Building on the robust and productive Cat 5110B, the new 6015B Hydraulic Shovel delivers a productivity advantage over other 100-ton shovels thanks to the most powerful engine in its class, a large standard bucket and payload capacity of 14.
The OEE value of two shovels and six dumpers was calculated and were compared with the bench mark values.
The shovel list that Consumer Reports provided rejected wooden-handled shovels as too heavy.
But Mary Anne is outdated technology, supplanted by new gas, electric, and diesel shovels.
Although the main purpose of shovels is to excavate and remove overburden in open-cut mining operations, it may also be used in the loading of extracted minerals, such as coal.