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The well-known SHT and Progressive Probabilistic Hough Transform (PPHT) are two of the most efficient algorithms for line detection.
Sht referred to King Abdullah as a pioneer and architect in bringing about stability among GCC countries as also the Muslim nations at large.
The results showed that treatment with SHT led to earlier uterine recovery in the cows.
Like its predecessors, SHT 10 contains a vast variety of texts and genres, with a strong predominance of siltra and vinaya literature.
The SDHT and SHT implementation contains a fast and simple HTML parser built as a finite state automaton (FSA), which accepts proper words and numerical (including date and time) expressions.
The SHT suggests that the production of symmetrical handaxes may have been dimorphic: males produced symmetrical handaxes for the purpose of mate attraction whilst females focused on the production of less symmetrical, functional tools.
Meanwhile, some SHT staffers confide that they're afraid the Herald-Tribune will end up being sold to Media General (owner of the Tampa Tribune).
In Xiao Zhang's case, Lotus' FUE+SHT hair transplant surgery applies SHT precision instruments to the hairline area and uses FUE to assure density on large areas of hair loss on the crown, and also alternately uses SHT and FUE for the increase of density in the thin junction area.
We are excited by this opportunity and look forward to working with SHT and BB toward the success of this combined venture.
This text is presented in the first part of his edition, entitled "Transcription of the Base Manuscript SHT 399" (pp.
Seiler expects to market the SHT in the United States as soon as it completes the construction of its first plant which it has just ordered from Seiler Switzerland (payment of US$605,000 towards the purchase was made on July 22, 1993).