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see loomloom,
frame or machine used for weaving; there is evidence that the loom has been in use since 4400 B.C.

Modern looms are of two types, those with a shuttle (the part that carries the weft through the shed) and those without; the latter draw the weft from a stationary
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Short for space shuttle.



(1) In weaving, the working element of a loom that interlaces the weft yarns with the warp yarns to weave cloth. It is a streamlined body with a cavity, in which a bobbin for the weft is located. Shuttles may be made of hard wood (hornbeam, boxwood, and acacia), compressed wood, or plastic. In order to increase the durability and smoothness of the external walls, shuttles may be covered with vulcanized fiber 2 mm thick. The ends are clad with steel tips. The design of a shuttle depends on the design and purpose of the loom, the weight-to-length ratio of the weft yarn, and the size of the weft yarn package.

(2) In sewing, the working element of a lockstitch sewing machine, which inserts the bottom thread into the stitch.


(mechanical engineering)
A back-and-forth motion of a machine which continues to face in one direction.
A device on a loom that moves filling yarns between the warp yarns during weaving.


A descent or a climb conducted in a holding pattern.


1. a bobbin-like device used in weaving for passing the weft thread between the warp threads
a. a bus, train, aircraft, etc., that plies between two points, esp one that offers a frequent service over a short route
b. short for space shuttle
a. the movement between various countries of a diplomat in order to negotiate with rulers who refuse to meet each other
b. (as modifier): shuttle diplomacy
4. Badminton short for shuttlecock
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But the shuttle system is probably facilitating the congestion we saw on the trails.
Since the resident parking will be located farther from the dorms, the university expects to spend $600,000 a year for an expanded shuttle system to move students to and from their cars, dorms, and classes.
He said: "The nearest water supply was a couple of miles away down a forest track so we had to set up a shuttle system of engines and the firefighters had to use beaters to tackle the blaze.
The Plate Shuttle system can be easily configured on-site through the installation of new stackers and simple software changes.
For events scheduled in the mountains, spectators will drive to park-and-ride lots located within eight kilometers (five miles) of the venues, and a transit shuttle system will transport them to competition sites.
The center itself makes Park City's free shuttle system a bit more user-friendly for visitors who'd rather not drive the town's icy roads.
The first decision was to change to a trailer shuttle system for yard waste and extra trash pickup.
The previous department policy read: "A shuttle system will be operating or a press pool will be formed to transport news media to the scene as decided by agency in charge of the incident .
The rocket boosters were considered to be among the more reliable components of the space shuttle system.
The combined technologies of Dharmacon and amaxa enable us to broaden the application of siRNA so that it can be introduced into difficult cell lines, and with the 96-well Shuttle system researchers can also accomplish this in high throughput," said William S.
Other features enable automated equipment speeds to be adjusted to accommodate product weights, fragilities and centers of gravity to ensure stability and reduce product damage, as well as advanced algorithms for vertical item transfer of product from one buffer to another using shared lifts within a shuttle system without the need for complex conveyor routing.
Depending on whether there is an immediate demand for product, pallets may be scanned into a rack or floor location in reserve storage (2); delivered to one of the case pick lines (3); or cases can be sent directly to the bottle pick room (4) where they are scanned into a location for split case picking, or conveyed to the shuttle system (5), where they are automatically inducted into the system.

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