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see loomloom,
frame or machine used for weaving; there is evidence that the loom has been in use since 4400 B.C.

Modern looms are of two types, those with a shuttle (the part that carries the weft through the shed) and those without; the latter draw the weft from a stationary
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Short for space shuttle.



(1) In weaving, the working element of a loom that interlaces the weft yarns with the warp yarns to weave cloth. It is a streamlined body with a cavity, in which a bobbin for the weft is located. Shuttles may be made of hard wood (hornbeam, boxwood, and acacia), compressed wood, or plastic. In order to increase the durability and smoothness of the external walls, shuttles may be covered with vulcanized fiber 2 mm thick. The ends are clad with steel tips. The design of a shuttle depends on the design and purpose of the loom, the weight-to-length ratio of the weft yarn, and the size of the weft yarn package.

(2) In sewing, the working element of a lockstitch sewing machine, which inserts the bottom thread into the stitch.


(mechanical engineering)
A back-and-forth motion of a machine which continues to face in one direction.
A device on a loom that moves filling yarns between the warp yarns during weaving.


A descent or a climb conducted in a holding pattern.


1. a bobbin-like device used in weaving for passing the weft thread between the warp threads
a. a bus, train, aircraft, etc., that plies between two points, esp one that offers a frequent service over a short route
b. short for space shuttle
a. the movement between various countries of a diplomat in order to negotiate with rulers who refuse to meet each other
b. (as modifier): shuttle diplomacy
4. Badminton short for shuttlecock
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Zion's shuttle system is also responsible for the overall increase in hikers, because visitors are no longer limited by the number of parking spaces at a trailhead.
The shuttle system is an innovation we developed ourselves," says Gehrig.
In the press system, an automated shuttle system was mounted on the side of the press to remove the mold parts from the press by a demolding station, then place it into position for packaging.
The conveyor and shuttle system was designed and built by Atlas Technologies Inc.
MB Storage Partners holds assets that include approximately 40 million barrels of NGL storage capacity at its Mont Belvieu, Texas, terminal and a short-haul transportation pipeline shuttle system that ties the Mont Belvieu terminal to refinery and petrochemical facilities along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.
In Fall 2014, to alieviate existing parking limitations due to on-campus construction projects, WSU started a shuttle system to transport commuter students and faculty/staff from the Metropolitan Complex at 21st and Oliver.
In partnership with our sister agencies, this shuttle system concept was developed to reduce air-quality impacts and parking demand while improving the accessibility of recreational and educational opportunities,'' said Smeck.
Daytrippers could be bused into the park and use the efficient shuttle system.
According to the company, the idea was to design and build a manual pallet shuttle system for its own use that provided simple, quick, and safe exchange of pallets and fixtures.
Managing director Simon Pratt said: "It would operate just like an oil terminal with the bags being replenished by a shuttle system of tankers.
The car rental shuttle system at this airport is one of the largest of its kind in the county and clearly showcases Standard Parking's ability to deliver world-class transportation service in a complex, large-hub operating environment," said Jack Ricchiuto, Executive Vice President for Airports at Standard Parking.
Contract notice: Final design and execution of the work, after obtaining the final project during the tender on the basis of the preliminary draft prepared by the contracting authority for the construction of a shuttle system connecting airport brindisi- railway network.

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