sialic acid

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sialic acid:

see glycoproteinglycoprotein
, organic compound composed of both a protein and a carbohydrate joined together in covalent chemical linkage. These structures occur in many life forms; they are prevalent and important in mammalian tissues.
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Sialic Acid


any of the monobasic polyhydroxy amino acids that are derivatives of neuraminic acid. Sialic acids are colorless crystalline solids that dissolve readily in water but are insoluble in nonpolar solvents. They decompose without melting in the temperature range 130°-200°C and are easily decomposed by the action of acids and bases. In nature, as components of glycoproteins and glycolipids, sialic acids are found in, among other places, the cell walls of animals, nerve tissue, and mucous secretions. The biosynthesis of biopolymers containing sialic acids is carried out using the activated form of sialic acids, namely, cytidine monophosphate-sialic acids, which are special sialyltransferase enzymes. Sialic acids determine the antigen and receptor properties of cell surfaces, participating in the interaction of the surfaces with, for example, viruses, toxins, and hormones.

sialic acid

[sī′al·ik ′as·əd]
Any of a family of amino sugars, containing nine or more carbon atoms, that are nitrogen- and oxygen-substituted acyl derivatives of neuraminic acid; as components of lipids, polysaccharides, and mucoproteins, they are widely distributed in bacteria and in animal tissues.
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This unique calcium-dependent phenomenon could be due to calcium-induced changes in the intrinsic viscosity of saliva (35) and macromolecular contraction/folding of mucins (36), or calcium could be shielding the interactions between hBDs, sialic acid residues, and other negatively charged moieties.
The patients of both the groups were on controlled diet and were not taking any other antidiabetic or cholesterol-lowering drug that might alter sialic acid, glucose or cholesterol level.
As a physician, Varki had little interest in great ape genetics until his research on sugar molecules called sialic acids led him in that direction.
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Capsular polysaccharides from serogroups B, C, W, and Y are composed of sialic acid derivatives; serogroups B and C express ([alpha]2 [right arrow] 8)- and ([alpha]2 [right arrow] 9)-linked sialic acid homopolymers, and alternating sequences of D-galactose or D-glucose and sialic acid are expressed by serogroups W and Y (6,7).
Collaborators of the York group at the University of Delaware, USA, led by Professor Fidelma Boyd, had shown previously that eating sialic acid was important for the survival of V.
Like binding to epithelial cells, this binding also is enhanced by removing sialic acid to reveal the receptors.
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