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see gibbongibbon,
small ape, family Hylobatidae, found in the forests of SE Asia. The gibbons are known as the small, or lesser, apes; they are the most highly adapted of the apes to arboreal life. They are highly endangered because of habitat destruction.
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Laia's relatively small braincase falls within the range of modern African monkeys, gibbons and siamangs.
While some scholars suggest a functional role of male protection against infanticide in gibbons and siamangs (van Schaik & Dunbar, 1990), alternative interpretations of male-female socially monogamous bonds in these species emphasize food defense and mate guarding (Reichard & Boesch, eds.
Police who arrested the traderconfiscated four endangered Javan gibbons, four baby siamangs, and two palm cockatoos.