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These results support further clinical investigation of this agent as a potentially disease-modifying therapy for sickle cell disease.
We have identified unsuspected silent infarctions occurring during acute anemic events in 18% of children with sickle cell disease and 7% of controls," he said, adding that children with acute anemia may need closer observation.
We have had a sharp fall in the cases of newborn with sickle cell disease and that is an encouraging sign but there are still far too many patients living with the condition.
These standards are another step in providing consistent care across the country for people with sickle cell disease and bringing this under recognised condition from the margins to the mainstream.
Sickle Cell disease affects mainly people of African/black, Mediterranean and Asian origin.
The pediatric brain in sickle cell disease has been widely studied in the past 20 years, and it is known that up to 30% of these children have neurocognitive abnormalities.
We expected to see iatrogenic transmission (1,8) because the children in this study all had sickle cell disease and more than half had had blood transfusions, and many had had multiple transfusions.
Sickle cell disease causes red blood cells, which are normally disc-shape, to become sickle-shape (crescent-shape).
It is thought there are 6,000 adults and children with sickle cell disease in Britain.
Refuerzo of Wayne State University, Detroit, reviewed the records of 30 pregnant women with sickle cell disease who were treated at that institution between 1997 and 2001.
of West Palm Beach donated $1,000 to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Palm Beach County.
Lanetta Jordan, President of the FSCDR, "The notion of making a comedy about a life-threatening disease like Sickle Cell Disease is a mockery of humanity.

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