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Contract: Side stream filtration system replacement
Achieving the right street cred is facing new challenges, as we increasingly see the side stream becoming mainstream.
This can be attributed to the fact that this technology is more effective and easy to incorporate as compared to side stream and main stream capnography.
The application chapters describe the retrofit of side stream columns to dividing wall columns, membrane separation for olefin/paraffin fractionators, modern vacuum systems, a water network retrofitted in a petroleum refinery, and a chemical pulp refining process for paper manufacturing.
Yuko Nawa and colleagues from the Hokkaido Medical Center for Child Health and Rehabilitation in Sapporo, Japan, compared the end tidal carbon dioxide values (EtCO2) from the Masimo EMMA portable capnometer and traditional side stream capnography (GE Patient Monitor).
The south side stream, which was in full flood over the weekend, also attracted lots of fish with some nice catches reported.
The south side stream was in full flood over the weekend, and also attracted good numbers of fish with good bags recorded.
Submerged and side stream sectors comprise the key configuration segments of the MBR systems market in developing countries.
We reached a point in the forest where the path curved through a more ample side stream.
Players must either retain health at the core of the company and generate the majority of sales from HW or dedicate investment to research and development to turn health and wellness into a valuable side stream.
The stand-alone Rejuvenator system operates, he says, through a side stream of cleaner solution, with typical oil contamination of 0.