side string

outer string

The string at the outer and exposed edge of a stair, away from the wall.
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Below is an example of the String S being assigned with a right side string value, "DxNx+Ay(5% .
John Beale may have just watched his side string together three league wins for the first time this season but the Moseley director of rugby is refusing to raise his sights.
Complete the drop string attachment by threading the right side string pairs through the right side crimp bead, then pull out the slack.
Hopefully now I can get a run and help the side string a few wins together to pull us clear of the bottom pack.
Boss Dean Thomas has seen his side string together an impressive run of results of late - but he knows that his men can perform better.
But Tan is impressed by the following Solskjaer (below) still has in England - he has often heard fans shout 'Ole' whenever their side strings 10 passes together, though obviously not yet at Cardiff.
Acacia from the east - "complex C" in accordance with the attached image - Plan sewer system, including the side strings and discard the sewerage network to developed land located in the area covered by the investment within the community Stare Babice.
A black high-waisted bikini bottom was held together with multiple side strings for a slashed effect, as was a pistachio embroidered four-strap bikini.
Students from the district will provide musical entertainment throughout the evening, along with the South Side Strings quartet.