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So, they measure the wall of the house, and the side yard, and draw it on the graph paper to a scale where one foot equals two squares.
In addition, there is a smaller detached workshop in a secure side yard.
I have about twenty 40-pound bags of poring soil sitting in my side yard.
Tomi Kobara's garden, for instance, utilizes not only a deck off the house but also four other areas for outdoor living, shown on the plan above: (A) side yard with playhouse; (B) lawn for lounging and games; (C) large patio; (D) private patio and workspace.
SIMI VALLEY -- A man who was hit with a stun gun after leading officers on a low-speed car chase that ended when he crashed into the side yard of a home is in critical condition, police said Wednesday.
The classic Mediterranean home didn't relate to the side yard, where the clients wanted a pool, spa and other amenities.
Their new house came complete with a front and side yard that was, to say the least, already quite filled with relatively new trees, all about "gift certificate size.
Before I was born, my dog buried a plastic frog in the side yard when one of her female puppies died.
There is also a floored loft with Velux window, a garage, store and side yard.
Yard work fun and games: One solution to a dead patch of lawn and unused side yard is a new bocce ball court.
Tenders are invited for usr- rectification works to rear side yard, providing valley sheet to rain water gutter, water supply and sanitary arrangements and allied works in pwd buildings division office and renovation works to canteen building, pmg, thiruvananthapuram
This townhouse offered over 1800 square feet is located in the heart of the U Street Corridor and features a huge side yard, rooftop deck, 2 car garage, 9.