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The rest of the sentence (she acted her words in dumb-show, of course) was lost in a fit of the fidgets, when she behaved like a puppy chewing a string, a clumsy woman in a side-saddle, a hen with her head cut off, or a cow stung by a hornet, exactly as the whims of the sea took her.
He then pulled off his coat, and buttoned it round her, put his hat upon her head, wiped the blood from her face as well as he could with his handkerchief, and called out to the servant to ride as fast as possible for a side-saddle, or a pillion, that he might carry her safe home.
Sparsit netting at the fireside, in a side-saddle attitude, with one foot in a cotton stirrup.
There are just limited old sidesaddles remaining in circulation as most side-saddles were discarded in the early 20th century when it became socially acceptable for women to ride astride.
Malvern Saddle Company, which specialises in making side-saddles, scooped the Best Traditional Business a ward.