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There, a research article on the economic impact to California of Pierce's disease in grapevines was accompanied by a sidebar on one of the most challenging aspects of Pierce's disease at the time: the identification of its causal agent.
Why, reading the sidebar, "Create the Perfect Getaway," which presented a meditation on planning that trip.
It comes from hiding under their desks for hours at a time, trying to avoid sidebars.
One regular feature is a sidebar titled "Were You Aware?
West's therapies work for a variety of illnesses, showcased in sidebars and the bonus reports.
The text, written by experts and participants, includes chapter introductions, an expansive chronology and sidebars that describe people, campaigns and hardware.
A typical chapter has interpretive text, several sidebars in brown, hyperlinks to other information, and "connections," which applies the text to contemporary life.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- EARTHA, the ground-breaking inspirational soul artist, has garnered two Grammy nominations for her Sophomore project SIDEBARS in the categories of Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album (Sidebars) and Best Female R&B Vocal (I'm Still Standing).
Amtrak inspects the rails on its Northeast corridor lines twice a week but the cracks on the sidebars may have been difficult to detect with just a visible inspection, Garcia said.
For examples of some derivatives contracts, see the sidebars on pages 57 and 58.
Using native American legends and dozens of fun activities, Shedd entices the reader to explore the world of wildlife--a world he enriches with range maps and fascinating "did-you-know" sidebars based on solid wildlife biology.
Upper elementary to middle school grade levels will find this new 'Wildlife and Plants' reference set of repeated value: each book in the A-Z series offers over fifty pages of detail on wildlife and plants, including color photos, sidebars of key facts on range, habitat, appearance, and status, maps displaying natural range, and more.