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Pneumoconiosis due to prolonged inhalation of dust containing iron salt. Also known as arc-welder's disease.
The presence or concentration of stainable iron pigment in a tissue or organ.



in man, pneumoconiosis caused by the deposition of dust particles containing iron in the lungs.

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Superficial siderosis involves hemosiderin deposition on the surface of the brain, cord and cranial nerves.
Hepatocellular siderosis may be present not only in hereditary hemochromatosis but also in many chronic liver diseases, including chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and genetic disorders, such as Wilson disease and [[alpha].
Superficial siderosis describes the hemosiderin deposition on the surface of the brain, brainstem, cranial nerves and spinal cord following recurrent subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Pulmonary siderosis may result from the exposure to inert metallic iron or iron oxides by arc welders (arc welder's lung), iron workers, and hematite miners.
Data have been presented on symptoms from the meninges and the pituitary area in FAP patients, including superficial siderosis after bleedings caused by amyloid deposits (3638).
The EPIC cardiac substudy evaluated the cardiac efficacy of Exjade in 114 beta-thalassemia patients with myocardial siderosis (T2* <20 ms).
Angiosarcoma with pulmonary siderosis and persistent reticulocytosis: steroid responsiveness suggests an immune basis.
Serum transferrin receptors in hereditary hemochromatosis and African siderosis.