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Sidestep is also assisting artists and the music industry by extending sales, promotions, and providing unique customer insights that were previously unattainable.
His efforts led to the merger of SideStep with Kayak.
Under the agreement SideStep will showcase American Airlines' best fares to millions of travellers each month through both the SideStep.
the Internet's first travel search company -- joined SideStep at the idea stage and successfully built it into one of the Internet's leading travel sites.
Under the agreement, SideStep will promote Independence Air in a multifaceted campaign, taking consumers directly to the carrier's web site at http://www.
SideStep continually expands its existing travel search offering to include exclusive, dynamic content that assists travelers in each step of the travel process," said Brian Stolte, Senior Director of Product Management, SideStep, Inc.
The much-publicised site, which is backed by five major US airlines, is not according to industry observers the first of its kind; analysts point out that Santa Clara-based SideStep Inc has been gathering low cost airfare information since November 2000.
SideStep, one of the Internet's leading vertical search companies, today announced Matthew Heist as senior vice president of global search.
com will use this investment to complete a merger with SideStep, Inc.
The SideStep service, which will direct customers to low fares on Vanguard Airlines' web site, is available at http://www.
Now, two biotechnology companies hope to sidestep this problem by creating mice that produce human antibodies.