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With the new Cruise search, SideStep will offer travelers a one-stop travel shop where they can secure all facets of their cruise itinerary.
We are delighted to be working with SideStep in providing customers a world-class online travel service.
Sidestep is also assisting artists and the music industry by extending sales, promotions, and providing unique customer insights that were previously unattainable.
His efforts led to the merger of SideStep with Kayak.
He slid feet first to the left of the bag, touching the bag with his hands while his legs went underneath Kent and forced Kent to sidestep the oncoming, 260-pound rookie.
A move to sidestep proper procedures and hold a secret ballot on the matter was postponed, but the issue is expected to resurface at the commission's meeting in May.
SideStep Inc, a search engine for travellers, has formed a multifaceted marketing alliance with American Airlines.
The researchers used statistical methods to sidestep any effects of age, gender, and weight.
Continuing through, a sidestep to right is prompted by the control desk, then the route passes through a glazed link to the reception pavilion with its circular desk.
After tripping up themselves and each other trying to sidestep the landmines of racism and sexism, they finally realize it's the same old "reckless capitalism" that's really blowing up everyone's spot.
Former SideStep CEO and CFO to Lead Finance and Corporate Development