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a device for separating lumps from powdered material, straining liquids, grading particles, etc., consisting of a container with a mesh or perforated bottom through which the material is shaken or poured



a device for separating dry loose materials by grain size. A distinction is made between flat sieves, which use vibration or a rocking motion, and drum sieves, which rotate. Sieves are principally used in the concentration of useful minerals and in the processing of grain for food and feed products in flour mills, mixed-feed plants, and hulling mills.


A meshed or perforated device or sheet through which dry loose material is refined, liquid is strained, and soft solids are comminuted.
A meshed sheet with apertures of uniform size used for sizing granular materials.


1. Any construction whose essential function is merely to separate, protect, seclude, or conceal, but not to support.
2. A covered framework, either fixed or movable, that serves as a protection against sun, fire, wind, rain, cold, or insects.
3. A metallic plate or sheet, a woven wire cloth, or other similar device, with regularly spaced apertures of uniform size, mounted in a suitable frame or holder for use in separating material according to size; also called a sieve.
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This enabled operators to change the setup of the sieves rapidly to screen different products without needing to detach the mesh screen and deck individually.
There's scope for clever public procurers to adjust the sieves so allowing a variation of 'peas' to get through.
Sand A is a 5-sieve sand because 10% or more of the sample was retained on each of five adjacent sieves (40, 50, 70, 100 and 140).
As mentioned earlier, the success of the silylation was measured by looking for the presence of nitrogen using XPS analysis of the treated sieves, Table 2 summarizes the amount of nitrogen detected for the various silylating conditions.
Depending on the size of the openings, they can adsorb molecules readily, slowly, or not at all, thus functioning as molecular sieves -- adsorbing molecules of certain sizes while rejecting larger ones.
Unlike conventional vibrating screeners, the high performance Russell Compact Sieve[R] is able to screen the milk powder at this finer mesh size without compromising flow rates, preventing the sieve from becoming a bottleneck in the process.
It also features direct transfer of weighing data, a tabular or graphical format for representation of resultant data, and a user-friendly interface for control of the sieve shaker AS 200 control, Retsch says.
Standard 8-in, round test sieves analyze individually loaded samples, multiple samples staged for continuous testing or online testing in conjunction with automatic sampling devices.
Compatiblization between sieves and polymers was achieved both by the use of flexibility during membrane formation and chemical coupling.
Loic Vanel of the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris and his colleagues measured pressures beneath piles made either by pouring sand through funnels or letting it rain through sieves.
Pavilion enables us to control the distillation columns and molecular sieves processes, which are challenging to manage optimally and yet critical to achieve our operating objectives -- more, high quality ethanol for less.