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Signal Processing, Analysis, and Display program. An environment with an associated programming language by Jan Carter of Argonne National Lab. Telephone +1 (312) 972 7250.




(1) (SIGnature) A text-based name and address appended to email and Usenet messages. The "sig block" is the complete signature, which may include a favorite quote or saying or even a logo made up of characters (see ASCII art).

(2) (Special Interest Group) A group of people who meet and share information about a particular topic of interest. It is usually a part of a larger group or association. See SIGGRAPH and SIGCAT.
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SIG shoots millions of rounds of ammo per year testing its firearms and running the SIG Academy, so producing its own ammo was a logical step.
SIG hosted 100 people--45 dealers and five distributor partners, along with their guests--who enjoyed historical tours, a lobster bake coastal cruise, visits to historical coastal islands, a tour of SIG's manufacturing facility and a day of shooting at the SIG SAUER Academy.
When I was at the SIG Academy getting the rundown on the new ammo, I asked SIG's Bud Fini those questions.
It is the first branch in the UK to bring together on one site all five of the company's constituent businesses - SIG Insulation, SIG Technical Insulation, SIG Interiors, SIG Fixings and SIG Construction Accessories.
Less than half of current and former SIG members (43 percent) were aware of the financial requirements to leave a SIG (reinsurance, bond or letter of credit)
SIG membership and participation allow nurses to develop their reputation as an expert in a particular area.
In 1985, a SIG was added for Renal Staff Nurses, and later a Research SIG was formed.
SIG officials were quick to reassure dealers that the restructuring and possible sale of the arms division will not interfere with manufacturing, supply and customer support programs.
To enroll as a SIG Institutional Sponsor, contact Pegotty Cooper at ACM headquarters; 212-869-7440, ext.
The goals for my SIG are to increase lymphedema awareness among oncology nurses," Fu says.
New under-hood opportunities for metal and rubber replacement lie on the horizon," declares SIG Kautex president Wolfgang Meyer, who cites air ducts for turbo-charged diesel (TCD) engines, along with specialty coolant ducting and fuel filler-pipes.