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It will now adopt American mobile network AT&T's more accurate method for calculating signal strength and a free software update will be available in the next few weeks.
The third "R" is "re-amplify," which is where the wavelength is launched with a new signal strength.
The coverage area of an AP is experimentally found by locating the AP at a candidate site and measuring the signal strength and PER with a test tool or 802.
Customers told us they wanted a simple and accurate way to survey wireless signal strength for maximum operational effectiveness when deploying their cashless vending machines, or unattended POS terminals," said Ron Fridman, Vice President, Technology and Product Development of USA Technologies, Inc.
SFNs can improve broadcast quality with higher uniform signal strength throughout a service area, even in locations that normally would have their signals interfered with by obstacles such as hills or buildings.
Compatible with a variety of MIMO chipsets from leading manufacturers, these smart antennas double signal strength and receive sensitivity, dramatically increasing throughput over standard dipole antenna configurations in 802.
Reliability and signal strength claims based on nationwide carriers' LTE.
The patent covers the way Polaris utilizes signal strength measurements for the uplink and downlink signals as additional data sources to generate even more accurate position estimates.
Airgain's MaxBeam75 antenna design with patented SmartGain[TM] beam-switching technology is an internal smart antenna that triples the signal strength and doubles the coverage over external omni-directional antennas.
An analysis was done where dozens of potential ranking factors were looked at and assigned a signal strength by an SEO professional.
With the Fixed WiMAX RF measurements option, the BTS Master can measure the transmitted signal strength and signal shape of the selected BTS transmission.
Answering the call from consumers for more-affordable, high-performing and compact antennas, the company is improving the signal strength of their DB line of antennas and also expanding their antenna technology to include Wi-Fi antennas and cell phone repeaters.