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About Tekelec EAGLE 5 Integrated Signaling System (ISS)
The noise rejection capabilities of differential pairs allow for low voltage signaling.
Signaling Firewall (SF) provides security for core SIP signaling elements such as softswitches, IMS CSCF elements and application servers.
The unique distributed architecture of the iNAV 9400 allows parallel processing of SS7 and SIGTRAN signaling traffic via all SS7 links and IP interfaces available on the system and provides scalability limited only by hardware capacity.
It provides security for the IMS core in terms of signaling information by implementing a Topology-Hiding Inter-network Gateway (THIG) sub-function.
Tekelec's EAGLE 5 SAS is a high-capacity multi-protocol advanced signaling system.
VPN separation: Support for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with full inter-VPN topology hiding and separation, ability to create separate signaling and media-only VPNs, and with optional intra-VPN media hair-pinning to monitor calls within a VPN.
Tekelec was able to meet our need for critical signaling functions," said Steve Nocella, vice president of Network Operations at XO Communications.
With the announcement of the SG-HA we have now added STP functionality to our range of Signaling Gateways," said Barry Zuckerman, President of Adax Inc.
By mounting one or two Adax PMC modules onto the SBC-915X, the single slot solution can be configured as a cost-effective compactPCI signaling blade for SS7, ATM, SIGTRAN or SS7/IP signaling.
In addition to the signaling gateways, Adax SIGTRAN software for M2PA, M3UA and SCTP/T are available separately for customers who need to IP enable other SS7 nodes in the network for connection to the Adax signaling gateways.
These leading-edge signaling gateway products enable customers to deploy IP and ATM-enabled switches, STPs and databases over traditional SS7 networks.