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Diffusing silicon into solid metal at an elevated temperature.



the surface or volume saturation of a material with silicon. Siliconizing is effected by treating the material either in silicon vapors, which are formed above a silicon charge at high temperatures, or in a gaseous medium containing chlorosilanes. The chlorosilanes are reduced by hydrogen, for example, according to the reaction SiCl4 + 2H2 = Si + 4HC1. Siliconizing is used primarily as a means of protecting refractory metals (W, Mo, Ta, Ti) from oxidation. Resistance to oxidation is brought about by the formation of dense, self-healing, diffused suicide coatings (WSi2, MoSi2) during the siliconizing process. Siliconized graphite has found widespread application. [23–1081–]

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and the ability to siliconize printed surfaces with no post curing," Gonzalez explains.
When used with Rhodia's Silcolease polymers, the new range of crosslinkers offer converters the ability to coat thermally-sensitive films and unprimed polyester films that have traditionally been difficult to siliconize.
We believe that by working with Intel to further siliconize and standardize LMDS, we will significantly enhance the attractiveness of our broadband wireless solution and accelerate deployments in the industry by driving down costs and facilitating multi-vendor interoperability," said Conrad Lewis, executive vice president, Access Products Group, Newbridge Networks.