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(organic chemistry)
R2SiO Any of a family of silica-based polymers in which R is an alkyl group, usually methyl; these polymers exist as oily liquids, greases, rubbers, resins, or plastics. Also known as oxosilane.



any of the compounds containing the grouping

Siloxanes are anhydrides of silicon acids. Organosiloxanes (seeORGANOSILICON COMPOUNDS) and polyorganosiloxanes (seeSILICONES) are the most important of these compounds. [23–1092–]

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The base material contains a polymethyl hydrogen siloxane copolymer, which is a moderately low molecular mass polymer with silane terminal groups [6, 7].
1] is assigned to the silicon-oxygen and carbon-oxysen bonds and is a characteristic peak of siloxane.
The improved retention of impact at a higher temperature (130[degrees]C) than at a lower temperature (120[degrees]C) for the BPAPC-PDMS samples could be due to changes in the morphology, especially due to an increase in the size of siloxane domains at 130[degrees]C via aggregation of siloxane domains which may not be happening at 120[degrees]C.
With the expansion, siloxane production capacity is expected to triple to an estimated 150,000 metric tons per year, commencing in 2013.
It utilizes a pure acrylic copolymer compound for curing combined with a penetrating siloxane sealer.
Therefore, owing to its low surface energy, siloxane is a preferred candidate for fouling-release coatings and coatings based on silicone elastomers have been commercialized.
The integrated site includes a siloxane plant and a pyrogenic silica plant, both of which are jointly owned by Dow Corning and Wacker.
The purpose of the present study is to explore the possibility of restricting further the swelling in water of water of highly sulfonated sPS membranes, through the inclusion of siloxane network domains by the sol-gel method.
Alkoxysilyl groups react to form siloxane bonds to inorganic surfaces and materials, and also to other silane molecules to form a crosslinked network.
The system's patented ultraviolet (UV) radiation absorber technology offers excellent photo stability, and its strongly networked siloxane resin provides high abrasion resistance.
Tenders are invited for Supply of solid permanent lubricant (ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer) suitable for co-extrusion of inner layer of plb hdpe telecom duct
of research and development to enhance the continued development of new siloxane technology.