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russian olive

russian olive

Small tree grows to 20 ft (7m). Thin lance shaped silvery leaves like olive tree, yellow 4-petal flowers, red edible sweet, but mealy fruit resembling olives. Fruit can be powdered and is used for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.
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Both silverberry and firethorn are hardy enough to withstand Antelope Valley winters.
Based on the research of Larry Santoyo, a ``food forest orchard'' of this kind might consist of ecologically compatible - and Valley compatible - species such as apple, Asian pear, walnut and black mulberry trees; silverberry (Elaeagnus) shrubs; golden currants (Ribes aureum), strawberries, mushrooms, carrots and dill; and nasturtium and marigolds.
In this category of water-thrifty plants, all highlighted by Amos, are the following: crepe-flowered rock rose (Cistus), tall and daisy-flowered Cosmos, Cotoneaster, silverberry (Elaeagnus), purple-flowered and self-sowing Verbena bonariensis, yellow-blooming Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa) and red hot poker (Kniphofia).
The plant in question is the Elaeagnus pungens, commonly known as silverberry or thorny elaeagnus.