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common name for warblerlike, arboreal birds, including 85 species in the family Zosteropidae, and for certain species of ducks. The members of Zosteropidae, with the exception of a few species, are marked by a ring of tiny, white feathers surrounding the eye and are
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But silvereyes are bolder and abrupt and bind together in a laser-like surveillance of all available.
Geographically pervasive effects of urban noise on frequency and syllable rate of songs and calls in Silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis).
Melbourne University researchers found urban silvereyes are shifting their song to overcome city sounds of up to 80 decibels.
Researchers heard the greatest change in the speed at which songbirds such as silvereyes vocalise each word.
Emeritus Professor Jiro Kikkawa is an ornithologist who is well known for his work on silvereyes on the off-shore islands of the Great Barrier Reef and his publications on the biogeography of Australian rainforest birds.
Other scientists had found that migratory species such as Australian silvereyes and European robins become disoriented under red light, losing their normal vectors.
In that study, Wiltschko and his colleagues tested 22 silvereyes (Zosterops l.
Fruit color choices of captive Silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis).
Most Zosterops are known as White-eyes or Silvereyes for the characteristic white-feathered eye ring and tend not to exhibit sharply defined plumage patterns having more or less gray green to yellow green upper parts, green or brownish sides, and gray or yellow below.
2010) have directly examined the effect(s) of geomagnetic displacements on migratory passerines, specifically Australian Silvereyes (Zosterops l.
The response of captive Silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis) to the colour and size of fruit.
Inter-related age-dependent patterns of ecology and behaviour in a population of Silvereyes (Ayes: Zosteropidae).