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(sĭm`əlē) [Lat.,=likeness], in rhetoric, a figure of speech in which an object is explicitly compared to another object. Robert Burns's poem "A Red Red Rose" contains two straightforward similes:
My love is like a red, red rose
  That's newly sprung in June:
My love is like the melody
  That's sweetly played in tune.
The epic, or Homeric, simile is an elaborate, formal, and sustained simile derived from those of Homer.



a category in stylistics and poetics; a figure of speech comparing two things that share a common feature. The aim of the simile is to reveal new and important attributes in the thing being compared. For example, the simile “The poet’s madness eternal/Is like a fresh spring amid the ruins” (V. Solov’ev) indirectly evokes an image of the unfailing “pulse” and “boundless” vital force of the poetic word against a background of “finite” empirical reality.

A simile is comprised of the thing being compared (the object of the simile), the thing with which it is juxtaposed (the means), and their common feature (the basis of the simile). The simile enhances a line’s literary effect by revealing the basic trait of the object of the simile and other attributes of the object as well.

The simile is widely used in folklore and poetry. It may be figurative, for example, “And their curls as white as morning snow on the glorious summit of a burial mound” (A. S. Pushkin), or emotive, for example, “Beautiful as an angel from heaven” (M. Iu. Lermonotov); it may also combine both functions. The conjunctions “as,” “like,” “as if,” and “similar to” generally join the parts of the simile.


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In a statement to KUNA Tuesday, the Orphanage Director Ayad Al-Masri said that the KRCS's gesture is meant to draw a simile on the face of the orphanage's traumatized children who lost their parents.
There's some natty callback material as the show progresses while the wordplay throughout is exquisite - few comics boast quite such a mastery of the simile in particular - but some of the topics wear a little thin.
In the virtual language, Sanei went beyond the vocabulary language and by relying on rhetorical arrays created new images "The term imagery is used for all uses of virtual language, however, in this regard, the image consists any virtual use of language, including all figurative speeches and rhetorical devices such as simile, metaphor, symbolism, exaggeration, hyperbole, visualization, myth virtual instruments, personification, synesthesia, and paradox.
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Because a simile has a set meaning belied by its expression, it refers only to one meaning or sense of its base word, like any unambiguous phrase.
Technically, they are selecting a simile, television is like.
There's nothing quite like a powerful simile to impress and engross a reader.
In fact, the metaphor, "He's a bear in the morning," means the same as the simile, "He's like a bear in the morning.
In book 9 of the Iliad, Achilles uses a striking simile to describe his feelings about the situation in which he finds himself: he compares himself, as Sgt.
I like a comedy that points out the difference between a metaphor and a simile and uses words like louche and perfidious, but that's not enough.
Yet distinguishing between an adjective and an adverb or a noun and a verb is much easier than making the distinction between a simile and a metaphor.