simple machine

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simple machine

[′sim·pəl mə′shēn]
(mechanical engineering)
Any of several elementary machines, one or more being incorporated in every mechanical machine; usually, only the lever, wheel and axle, pulley (or block and tackle), inclined plane, and screw are included, although the gear drive and hydraulic press may also be considered simple machines.

Simple machine

Any of several elementary machines, one or more of which is found in practically every machine. The group of simple machines usually includes only the lever, wheel and axle, pulley (or block and tackle), inclined plane, wedge, and screw. However, the gear drive and hydraulic press may also be considered as simple machines. The principles of operation and typical applications of simple machines depend on several closely related concepts. See Efficiency, Friction, Mechanical advantage

Two conditions for static equilibrium are used in analyzing the action of a simple machine. The first condition is that the sum of forces in any direction through their common point of action is zero. The second condition is that the summation of torques about a common axis of rotation is zero. Corresponding to these two conditions are two ways of measuring work. In machines with translation, work is the product of force and distance. In machines with rotation, work is the product of torque and angle of rotation. See Hydraulic press, Wedge

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Team Thorp won first place for using simple machines to build a device that's anything but simple.
Baseline data was obtained in terms of students' attitudes toward science learning and their prior knowledge of simple machines before commencing their self-directed learning.
The assignment was very flexible, with students deciding the types, number, and seriation of simple machines used to do the work.
Many simple machines are so useful, because they help overcome friction and make things easier to move.
Moving large rocks in a field often involves the use of several simple machines.
Remember that it is a compound machine made of several simple machines.
Encourage students to test and refine their designs, asking questions about the geometry of students' designs and the simple machines involved and adding rigor as necessary.
htm After students learn how everyday items are actually simple machines they discover now gravity friction and states of matter interact with the machines to help them function, An interactive Flash animation illustrates the relationships between the machines and forces
It is a very simple machine to use and can produce up to 15000 pieces per hour in sizes ranging from 75mm to 300mm diameter due to the hydraulic operation of its blocking system.
It provides simple machine control functionality, eliminating the need for simple PLCs.
The CP 1580 RSC Semi-Automatic Case Packer loads multiple pack pat/ems with one simple machine, requiting less labor.
Two wheels connected with a rod is actually a simple machine called a wheel and axle.