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a liquid medicine containing a sugar solution for flavouring or preservation



a concentrated solution of a sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or maltose or combinations of them in water or fruit juice. Syrups are clear, viscous liquids; those made with fruit juice have an aroma of fruit. The caloric content of syrups is about 10 megajoules per kg (245–246 kilocalories per 100 g), and the sugar content varies from 40 to 80 percent. Water-based syrups with a sugar content of 30 to 60 percent are used in the making of jam, canned fruit, and confectionery. Fruit syrups are used to make individual servings of carbonated and still beverages.

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From the recipe above, mix the lemon juice and simple syrup with 2 cups of cold water.
This original cocktail combines watermelon puree, bourbon, lime, mint leaves and simple syrup.
Basil-Thyme Simple Syrup (directions below), and ice.
Stir in simple syrup and finish with a squeeze of lemon.
Although many of her recipes use simple syrup, it can be made in a jiffy, shaking together one part granulated sugar and one part hot water until the sugar dissolves.
Irish Summer Time - Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, Fresh Orange Juice, Simple Syrup
com/en/drinks/lemon-drop-martini/) Lemon Drop Martini: Combine 2 parts Absolut vodka, 2 parts Absolut Citron, 3 parts Lemon Juice, 1 part Simple Syrup, 1 part Triple Sec and 1 Lemon Peel.
Epicure's bar manager, Chris Galdamez, praises the "rich taste" of this "riff on an Old Fashioned," featuring Old Forester whiskey, brown sugar, simple syrup, Rooibos tea, rose hips, raspberries, orange and saffron bitters.
Put 3 cups ice cubes in a blender, followed by limes, Vs cup frozen lemonade concentrate, 2/3 cup cold simple syrup, 6 fresh mint leaves, 1/2 to 1 Thai chile or 1/4 to 1/2 serrano chile, and 1/4 tsp.
BLACK RASPBERRY JULEP Ingredients: 50ml Belvedere Black Raspberry Julep, six fresh raspberries, 15ml simple syrup, handful of fresh mint.
For the buttermilk panna cotta: 3 sheets gelatin 1 3/4 cups heavy cream 1 1/2 cups buttermilk 4 3/4-ounce piece ginger; peeled, thinly sliced 5 ounces granulated sugar 1/4 ounce salt For the cucumber snow: 4 1/4 cups cucumber juice 4 sheets gelatin, bloomed in water, excess squeezed out 9 1/3 ounces granulated sugar Pinch salt Citric acid 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons lime juice For the lemon simple syrup: 7 ounces granulated sugar 1 cup lemon juice For the rhubarb: 1 large stalk rhubarb, trimmed, peeled, quartered Lemon simple syrup, from above Crystalized ginger brunoise, about half as much as rhubarb by volume Grated lime zest to taste Salt For the garnish: Neutral Pop Rocks mixed with pinch citric acid Grated lime zest For the buttermilk panna cotta Bloom gelatin in water.
Simple syrup keeps well in a covered container in the refrigerator for several weeks, and is also a great base for popular mojitos.

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