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a Church benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral charge is attached



in the Middle Ages, an ecclesiastical office that brought in income without being connected with the fulfillment of any obligations or without even requiring residence at the place of appointment. The granting of sinecures was widely practiced by the papacy. The word “sinecure” became a pejorative term used to designate a well-paying office not requiring any special work.

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Presidents in Iran have commonly named all sorts of advisers with many of those posts appearing to be sinecures when the men left other posts.
BARON Richard retired at the age of 54 on a gold plated pension, then landed various sinecures - many covered by the tax payer.
But more often than not, the appointments are sinecures, a reward for services rendered, or for being accommodating to the powers that be when in service.
These toothless bodies, usually headed by toothless sinecures, are restricted to correcting administration and billing errors.
And MPs in safe seats are far more likely to vote according to the dictates of party managers because such constituencies are virtually sinecures.
Those reasons should be for the good of the country as regards the aegis of the portfolio concerned but having seen the way that civil servants ignored the inventive expense claims by MPs, it is only fair to wonder if the responses given are perhaps aimed at safeguarding the sinecures that many civil servants seem to have created for themselves?
The instinctive reaction of voters is to hang 'em and that of Gordon Brown and all those desperate to cling on to their comfortable sinecures is to bury the expenses row in the long grass of quasi-independent inquiries in the hope of resuming business more or less as usual.
Sinecures in publishing and the academic world, which paid little and demanded less, dried up, so that writers had less time for their own work.
If Kulongoski were seeking to remove effective opponents from the Legislature by kicking them into comfortable sinecures, Williams' appointment would make no sense.
Minority observers mourned the loss of Republican stalwarts far beyond the sinecures and patronage posts of the South.
The personnel cuts, forced on the United Nations by a combination of reduced budgets and the failure of member nations to pay dues on time, would begin to shrink for the first time an organization that has been widely criticized for its bloated bureaucracy and the sinecures provided for underemployed political appointees from around the world.
Sinecures, they argued, put government offices in the hands of idle rich men who drew all the emoluments, but farmed out whatever work was attached to them for a fraction of the profits.