single notch

half-cut notch

half-cut notch
A simple joint between the timbers at a corner of a log house; formed by cutting away the lower half of the end of one timber and placing it over and at right angles to another timber in which the upper half of the end has been cut away; a spike or treenail is usually driven through the two ends to secure the joint.
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If present, single notch was seen on the right in 123 and in 134 on the left, single foramen was seen in 62 on the right and in 56 on the left side and finally, double foramen was seen in 13 on the right and in 6 on the left.
Tenders are invited for Joystic Controller Of 22 Mm Dia, Fixing Centre 85 X 85 Mm Single Notch Four Way Spring Returned To Centre Chromium Finish 1 No.
Myanmar also improved, but only by a single notch to a score of 22, which means it remains among the world's most corrupt countries, at a global rank of 147 out of 168 countries surveyed and alongside nations such as Zimbabwe, Burundi, Congo -- and Cambodia, which remains Southeast Asia's most corrupt country on Transparency International's 2015 ranking, placed at 150th out of the 168 countries globally and boasting the lowest regional score of 21.
Fitch expects the Qatari authorities to support all Nakilat debt, and a single notch sufficiently reflects the subordination of the second tranche.
Looking into details, UAE succeeded in improving its ranking by a single notch, thereby clinching 23rd best spot on NRI worldwide.
Weakened Legal TiesThe downgrade reflects the widening of rating differential to two notches from a single notch between Samruk-Energy and its sole direct shareholder JSC Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna (BBB+/Stable) and, ultimately, the State that owns 100% of Samruk-Kazyna.
The least common notches were the 3,000 Hz single notch (5%-6%) and the 3,000 and 6,000 Hz multiple notch (1%-2%).
If the resolution of the "positive" watch in the next few weeks results in an uplift, it would be limited to a single notch, the analyst added.
In New York City, for example, a single notch can drain a roof area of 7,600 square feet with a resultant build up of 3 inches on the roof and 15 hours of drain-down time after the rain stops.
The rating agency had cut the BNP Paribas' issuer default rating by a single notch to AA- from AA with a stable outlook and added that the bank's asset quality 'showed a marked deterioration' in 2009.
The difference they have made by simply adjusting the ribs by a single notch is absolutely amazing.

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