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Performance data show that the MIAX system is now capable of sustaining 38,000,000 quotes per second, a 41% improvement over the prior sustained throughput, while the average latency for a single quote has been reduced to 15.
com does not give you a single quote, they give instant auto insurance quotes from the nation's leading insurance companies.
In fact, there wasn't a single quote from the player at all, despite their willingness to peddle Spurs' PR line.
Share listings in London and Zurich will be replaced with a single quote on the Swiss exchange.
LAST thing you expect and want two minutes after meeting a player for an interview is to argue with him, especially when you still don't have a single quote in your notebook.
It's also important to look at different cavitation levels for different part runs, and to be able to build a single quote that identifies a family of products, according to Rusty Russ, v.
but] not a single quote from your numerous African apostolic trips; all your quotes are from general documents.
Rarely can a single quote have laid its speaker open to attack on so many fronts.
When I was editor of the General Semantics Bulletin, I made it a requirement that submissions that claimed to be 'in' or 'about' general-semantics had to eschew such terms, find a substitute, more structurally sound term(s), or, at minimum, apply the extensional device of the single quote to tag elementalistic or otherwise suspect formulations.
Customer-focused single quote process provides brokers ease of access
By a remarkable coincidence, every single quote on Whiston's list first appeared in my column in Mirror Sport.

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