single-line diagram

one-line diagram

A representation of an electrical system by means of single lines and graphic symbols showing the major components of the system.
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The new user interface for the SMP gateway includes an alarm management system, single-line diagram capabilities and efficient commissioning tools to reduce customer costs and extend product capabilities.
This includes things like maintaining an accurate electrical single-line diagram or commissioning a short circuit study, coordination study or arc-flash hazard analysis.
The single-line diagram begins at the point of the utility service connection and shows each piece of equipment and its overcurrent protective devices, cable sizes and numbers per phase, conduit types and sizes, fuses, transformer sizes and impedances, circuit breakers and their trip units and other details.
Preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and corrective of equipment of HV / LV present in the single-line diagram of the Southern General Hospital, Appendix 1,
maintenance of electrical HV / LV South siteTo use the provisions of CCTP attached to this DCE, the preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and corrective aims - The preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and corrective equipment for HV / LV present in the single-line diagram of the Southern General Hospital, Annex 1.
SmartPlant Electrical: Addresses the electrical needs of the entire life cycle of the plant, from concept to detailed design through operations and maintenance, including start-up, continuous operation, emergencies, and shutdowns; and generates single-line diagrams and schematics automatically, creating graphical reports based on data providedby the engineer.
Conducting "operational Books" for each illuminated object consisting of single-line diagrams of circuits fed from the cabinet to the type of luminaires and light sources, the protocols of the measurements, the date of failure identified for each device on each object and the date of their removal, the date on the checks, inspections with known defects in those days.
Single-line diagrams and schematics are the traditional starting points of electrical engineering tasks in the plant and are highly iterative and labor-intensive.
Firms need not discard legacy typical schematics or single-line diagrams, since electrical engineers can use legacy files as templates for use in SmartPlant Electrical.
During the front-end engineering and design phase, users can sketch concepts and preliminary dra diagrams (PFDs), preliminary piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and other single-line diagrams and schematics.