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LIMITED OPERATING RISK: The library is a single-purpose entity with limited operating risk.
BFL is structured as a bankruptcy-remote, single-purpose entity.
Debt service constitutes a high 23% of total spending which is not unusual for a single-purpose entity and is partially offset by rapid principal amortization with 77% of debt maturing within the next ten years.
Centragas is structured as a single-purpose entity with bankruptcy remote provisions that provide protection from possible bankruptcy proceedings at Enron.
Resulting from a collaboration between Arcadia Solutions and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers (MLCHC), Azara Healthcare was formed to provide a single-purpose entity to expand, deploy and operate the Azara DRVS platform for the community health marketplace.
The project, however, is a single-purpose entity, and the project's debt is nonrecourse to the sponsors, Standard & Poor's said.
ENA Sur Trust is a bankruptcy-remote, single-purpose entity, regulated under the Trust Law of Panama with no recourse to the government.
Offsetting the aforementioned strengths is EAF's high debt burden and limited balance sheet liquidity, both of which are not atypical for a single-purpose entity created solely for the purpose of financing a project.

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