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The downward movement of surface water generally caused by converging currents or when a water mass becomes denser than the surrounding water. Also known as downwelling.
In atmospheric optics, a refraction phenomenon, the opposite of looming, in which an object on, or slightly above, the geographic horizon apparently sinks below it.

What does it mean when you dream about sinking?

A sinking feeling may symbolize the dreamer’s waking world if the dreamer is overwhelmed by business and financial responsibilities.


1. A groove or recess.
2. In wood construction, the removal of some material to permit flush installation of hinges or the like.
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Pumps were placed on the vessel to try to prevent it sinking but it sank at around 9.
In many cases, the sinking is the result of damming and diversion, which stops sediment from reaching the delta.
Ashe says for "strategic reasons", the company opted for a "hybrid" in sinking both a main production shaft and a ventilation shaft concurrently.
Initial preparation, mobilisation and sinking setup were completed by yearend and shaft sinking commenced in January 1996.
The many similarities between his work of fiction and the actual events of the Titanic sinking have prompted some to view his work as proof of a prophetic power or paranormal quality.
The compact expires June 30, 2015 and if by the date specified in the indenture a substitute compact is not in place, a mandatory purchase funding period ensues that calls for equal monthly sinking fund payments to allow for full payment of the series 2006 bonds by the compact expiration date.
Sinking of Cylinder Tubewell at Raghunathpur Jr High School under Rammohan-I Gram Panchayat Fund - RWS Sinking of Cylinder Tubewell at Ramnagar Atul Vidyalaya under Khanakul-ll Gram Panchayat Fund - RWS
All aboard were killed--leaving behind no trace of the cause, no witnesses, and a mystery involving a rapid sinking under calm seas.
Ages 8-9 boys: Marcus Davis of Lancaster, first place for sinking 21 of 25 shots; Tommy Wooding of Ridgecrest, second place for sinking 13 of 25 shots.
A Dumfries police spokesman said: "In conjunction with our colleagues from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, a joint investigation is now taking place in relation to the allegations surrounding the sinking of the Karianda.
We believe that brittle steel didn't have much to do with the sinking of the Titanic," Foecke says.