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Any of the relatively large spaces comprising part of the venous circulation in certain organs, such as the liver.



(or sine curve), the graph of the function y = sin x. It is a plane curve (see Figure 1) representing the variation in the sine as the argument, or angle, changes. A sinusoid intersects the x-axis at the points 180°k (or πk) and has maxima at the points 90° + 360°k (or π/2 + 2-πk) and minima at the points - 90° + 360°k (or - π/2 + 2πk), where k = 0, ± 1.....

Figure 1

The curve defined by the equation y = A sin (ωx + Φ0) is also sometimes called a sinusoid. The relation between this curve and the curve y = sin x is as follows: first, the x-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of ω; second, the y-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of A; and third, the curve is translated by an amount - Φ0/ω along the x-axis. The number A is called the amplitude, ω is called the angular frequency, and Φ/0 is called the initial phase angle. The sinusoid is of great importance in the theory of oscillations. [23–1296–]

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Now, consider a sinusoidally varying homogenous spherical distribution of mass.
3) After the steady state is reached, a sinusoidally varying surface elevation is imposed at the inflow or outflow boundary.
One of the most fundamental principles of induction machines is the creation of a rotating and sinusoidally distributed magnetic field in the air gap (Bose, 2002).
A motor that can be commutated either sinusoidally or trapezoidally.
infinity]], varies sinusoidally in time and the shear stress [tau](0, t) follows the same trend with a slight phase shift (Fig.
Time-dependent mortality is imposed by allowing m to vary sinusoidally with an amplitude of:
This mechanism resulted in a lurching motion with instantaneous forward velocity of the center of mass varying almost sinusoidally from 15-25 cm/s when the animal ran at an average speed of 20 cm/s (30.
Suppression of T-lymphocyte cytotoxicity following exposure to sinusoidally amplitude-modulated fields.
The loads were varied sinusoidally at frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 2 Hz depending on available hydraulic capacity.
29) reported a unique PBG structure very recently, where sinusoidal variations of the characteristic impedance have been implemented by a sinusoidally shaped microstrip line on the substrate.
The sinusoidal-shift keying moves the signal between binary values sinusoidally, and the minimum-shift keying moves it along a minimum-energy curve.
In the frequency domain, a continuous excitation source (here, a xenon lamp) is modulated sinusoidally at a radio frequency (0.