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(Scheme In One Defun or Scheme In One Day) A small Scheme implementation in C by George Carrette <>, <>. SIOD is arranged as a set of subroutines that can be called from any main program for the purpose of introducing an interpreted extension language. It compiles to 20 kbytes of executable (VAX/VMS). Lisp calls C and C calls Lisp transparently.

SIOD supports symbols, strings, arrays, hash coding, file i/o (binary, text, seek), data save/restore in binary and text, interface to commercial databases such Oracle and Digital RDB.

Version 3.0 runs on VAX/VMS,Unix, Sun-3, Sun-4, Amiga, Macintosh, MIPS, Cray, ALPHA/VMS, Windows NT and OS/2. It can be compiled by most ANSI C compilers and C++ compilers, e.g. gcc -Wall.,

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.scheme.
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At this time, a diagnosis of SIOD was considered in pediatric genetic consultation with the clinical findings.
Although hypertension, hyperlipidemia, proteinuria and ESRD which were also found in our patient are significant risk factors for atherosclerosis, symptoms of cerebrovascular ischemia have been observed in patients with SIOD even before renal disease started (13).
Under the most recently won contract, PRC will assume responsibility for the infrastructure support and daily operations of the Intelligence Data Handling system in addition to performing software development and enhancement under the SIOD 2001 contract.