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1. a male parent, esp of a horse or other domestic animal
2. a respectful term of address, now used only in addressing a male monarch



in animal breeding, a male (bull, stallion, boar, ram) used for obtaining offspring. Artificial insemination enables a single valuable sire to produce hundreds or thousands of offspring a year. For pedigree use, sires are selected from highly productive fertile parents and are evaluated on the basis of their ancestors; they must have a proper conformation, good health, and resistance to disease. In the process of pedigree use they are evaluated on the basis of their progeny. A sire whose offspring excels its parents in productivity and pedigree qualities is considered an improver. Especially valuable are sires that consistently transmit valuable properties to their offspring. In the USSR the best sires are kept at centers where pedigree work is conducted and artificial insemination is performed. The semen of sires is exchanged between countries.

References in classic literature ?
Well, sire, I, in my turn, wish to take part in this game, where the stakes are thrown upon my royal mantle.
For your assistance, that is to say, not only for that which kings owe to each other, but that which simple Christians owe to each other -- your assistance, sire, either in money or men.
as you are, sire, having neither parliament nor Cardinal de Retz to apply to, will die of hunger, as his mother and sister had nearly done.
cried Charles, "you are a noble friend, sire -- a heart created by God
At the battle of Grandson, sire, he cried: 'Men of the cannon
I say, sire, that you may possibly be in the right, that the hour of the people may not yet have come with you.
I mount it, and I say aloud, in the first words that occur to me, what I have on my heart; and when one is of the people, sire, one always has something on the heart: Then people troop up, they shout, they ring the alarm bell, they arm the louts with what they take from the soldiers, the market people join in, and they set out.
We continue to explore additional sources of profit, including collaborating with partner firms providing new revenue streams for SIRE, as well as continuing to evaluate and implement new production technology.
From a group of 10 test bulls, each with 100 milking daughters, one sire would return to proven status and be used on a widespread basis across the national cow population.
sire breeds side by side in an extensive rangeland production system," says ARS geneticist Tim Leeds.
Future star Operating coasted home in a Leopardstown maiden hurdle yesterday on the weekend his sire Milan's seasonal earnings passed PS1 million for the first time.
Grant Pritchard-Gordon, KhalidAbdullah's former racing manager, said: "We sold the horse (to a partnership of Australia's Arrowfield Stud and Ireland's Coolmore Stud) for a large amount of money (reported to be pounds 4million) but we did keep five breeding rights," While Australia revered him for his ability to get outstanding runners over all distances, Europe remained lukewarm, seeing him as just a respectable sire of sprinters and milers.