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1. a male parent, esp of a horse or other domestic animal
2. a respectful term of address, now used only in addressing a male monarch



in animal breeding, a male (bull, stallion, boar, ram) used for obtaining offspring. Artificial insemination enables a single valuable sire to produce hundreds or thousands of offspring a year. For pedigree use, sires are selected from highly productive fertile parents and are evaluated on the basis of their ancestors; they must have a proper conformation, good health, and resistance to disease. In the process of pedigree use they are evaluated on the basis of their progeny. A sire whose offspring excels its parents in productivity and pedigree qualities is considered an improver. Especially valuable are sires that consistently transmit valuable properties to their offspring. In the USSR the best sires are kept at centers where pedigree work is conducted and artificial insemination is performed. The semen of sires is exchanged between countries.

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The significant sire line by sex interactions for the allometric equations indicated the sex differences in which fat-free lean mass decreased per kilogram in CW differed amongst the 4 sire lines.
The parameters of the allometric functions relating the weight of the primal and subprimal cut weights to CW in several cases were affected by sire line, sex and sire line by sex (Tables 8 and 9, p < 0.
2] and RSD values indicate the weights of the primal and subprimal cuts have substantial variation even within pigs of the same sire line, sex and BW.
One objective of this trial was to evaluate the possible interactions of sire line and sex with diet.
36 fat-free lean (%) Probability Sire line Sex x BW x BW Carcass weight 0.
Diets were formulated to meet amino acid specifications that were established for these terminal sire lines (Pig Improvement Company, 2008), and vitamin and mineral levels met or exceeded those established by NRC (1998).
The overall sire line by sex and diet least-squares means for ME and NE energy intakes above maintenance are shown in Table 11.
001) by sire line, diet, sex, BW, sire line by BW, sex by BW, and diet by BW.
01) the main effects by sire line, sex, sire line by sex, BW, and sire line by BW and sex by BW interactions.
01) by the main effects of sire line, sex, diet and BW and interactions of sire line by sex, sire line by BW and sex by BW.
The differences in predicted gain:ME intake above maintenance between barrows and gilts differed by sire line (p = 0.
Predicted gain:NE intake above maintenance was affected by the main effects of sire line, sex and BW and interactions of sire line by BW and sex by BW.