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1. a senior nurse
2. Chiefly RC Church a nun or a title given to a nun
3. a woman fellow member of a Church or religious body
4. Biology denoting any of the cells or cell components formed by division of a parent cell or cell component

What does it mean when you dream about your sister?

To dream of one’s sister is complex because of the complex relationship we usually have with a sibling. It may indicate a union of family or the need to relate to one’s family. This kind of dream can also acknowledge one’s close feelings with others who are like a sister.

References in classic literature ?
Cora may submit to the justice of your opinion though she cannot put it in practice," returned the elder sister, who had placed herself by the side of Alice, on a couch of sassafras; "there would be other causes to chase away sleep, though we had been spared the shock of this mysterious noise.
When he gave his promise to his father, he meditated within himself to increase the fortunes of his sisters by the present of a thousand pounds a-piece.
repeated Norah, advancing on her sister and turning pale as suddenly as she had turned red.
I did something - bowed, I suppose - and was all attention, when the other sister struck in.
My sister made a dive at me, and fished me up by the hair: saying nothing more than the awful words, "You come along and be dosed.
Now Nada saw her and, ceasing her song, stretched out her hand to welcome her, saying, "Greeting, sister.
Sire," replied Scheherazade, "I have a sister who loves me as tenderly as I love her.
That is capital," added her sister, and they both laughed heartily.
I should think not," returned Julia, musing; "I never had a sister; but it appears to me that the very familiarity of sisters would be destructive to friendship.
Norris was often observing to the others that she could not get her poor sister and her family out of her head, and that, much as they had all done for her, she seemed to be wanting to do more; and at length she could not but own it to be her wish that poor Mrs.
She was usually spoken of as being remarkably clever, but with the addition that her sister Celia had more common-sense.
In those last weeks, though we did not know it, my sister was dying on her feet.

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