size of pipe

size of pipe (or tubing)

Unless otherwise stated, the nominal size by which the pipe (or tubing) is commercially designated; actual dimensions are given in applicable specifications.
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Tenders are invited for annual rate contract of leakage repairing of various make and size of pipe lines section chandlai under sub.
It features a universal clamping system that can accommodate any size of pipe or coupling, eliminating the need for inserts.
Most problems are due to the size of pipe being used.
As the pipeline work in the Haynesville Shale has increased, so has the size of pipe and length of bores," said Smith.
The size of pipe the strong-back is intended to be used on is stenciled on the back for easy identification during a casualty.
The correct size of pipe used for main and branch lines is determined by the permissible air velocity and pressure drop caused by the frictional resistance of the pipe.
There was also 2p on a pack of five small cigars, 5p on a 25g pack of rolling tobacco and 3p on the same size of pipe tobacco.
A toggle enables the program to select a size of pipe that is closest to the size calculated by the program.
Install same size die on pipe stock as size of pipe to be threaded (Figure 1).
This size of pipe would allow us to phase in expansions down the road with incremental capital.
Choosing the right contractor will often depend on the size of the project, and the size of pipe.
Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract for providing, laying &; jointing of various size of pipe lines with one year defect liability period under Jurisdiction of PHED Rural Dn 2 Alwar (NCR)