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Skating Rink


a section of level ice surface designed for skating and sledding. There are two basic types: rinks intended for sports use and for general public use. Sports rinks are used for lessons, speed skating and sledding matches, figure skating, ana ice hockey. General-purpose rinks are places for recreation, games, and fun. There are three types of rinks in terms of ice preparation: natural (which are constructed on natural bodies of water during winter), poured-on (arranged on a natural or artificial base, most frequently in sports arenas, stadiums, or asphalt-paved areas), and artificial (created with the aid of special refrigerating installations).

Sports skating rinks are popular primarily in countries withlong winters, particularly the Scandinavian countries, the USSR, the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA. In 1971 there wereapproximately 18, 000 skating rinks in the USSR, including closeto 70 artificial ones. During the 1950’s and 1960’s artificial sportsskating rinks were constructed in many of the major cities ofEurope, Canada, and the USA. The most famous ones for speedskating are in Grenoble (France), Inzell (FRG), Goteborg (Swe-den), Deventer (Netherlands), Berlin (GDR), Budapest (Hun-gary), and Sverdlovsk (USSR); and for ice hockey and figureskating, in Moscow (at the Lenin Central Stadium), Leningrad(the Iubileinyi), Kiev, and Minsk (USSR), Prague (the Czecho-slovak SSR), Stockholm (Sweden), Zurich (Switzerland), Mon-treal and Toronto (Canada), and Sapporo (Japan). The mostpopular high-mountain skating rinks are located in Davos (Swit-zerland), Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy), Inzell (FRG), and Medeo(USSR).


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To confirm that all the patients that were included in the cohort sustained their injuries at the local urban ice skating rink of interest, the emergency medical service (EMS) logbook from the specific urban ice skating rink was used to cross reference patients that were referred to our institution.
SM Ice Skating Rink has been a member of ISI since 1994.
SM Prime operates skating rinks through SM Lifestyle Entertainment at the SM Mega Fashion Hall in Mandaluyong, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay and SM Southmall in Las Pinas.
Established in 2005, we offer a variety of synthetic ice skating rink options, for sale and for rent, winter effects packages and ice show entertainment to clients throughout United States, Mexico, Canada and around the world.
Just a small selection from our huge Some Cardiffians may remember the Embassy Skating Rink that used to be in Cathays Terrace.
executive who'd met his wife, Lorraine, at a skating rink in Chicago.
the property conglomerate of SM Group of Companies, is all set to give a warm welcome for winter Olympian and homegrown skating rink talent Michael Martinez as he comes home today from a sensational performance at Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.
I would have thought the people who are actively involved in ice skating were the people to carry out this study, meanwhile our own ice skating rink is once again delayed.
A 19-screen megaplex, Westchester County's only IMAX Theater, a family entertainment center, two indoor skating rinks, restaurants, a Marriott hotel, a Bally fitness center, a Super Stop & Shop supermarket, a Class A office building and a spectacular roof-top tower that will propel riders over 200 feet with the force of a space launch are among the many features of New Roe City, a 1.
Sky Rink on Pier 61, which is nearing completion, boasts the only year-round indoor ice skating rinks in Manhattan.